JACCS contributes to the realization of a future inspired by dreams and an affluent society

JACCS is one of the leading company in Japan’s consumer finance sector. JACCS Co., Ltd, started out as provider of monthly installment credit services in Hakodate, Hokkaido, in 1954....

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A new lifestyle where you can buy what you need! JACCS aims at providing leasing service for installment sales with trustworthy services and a network of member stores. Our goal is to provide to customers in a quick, expensive and polite way.START TODAY WITH JACCS FINACIAL SERVICES!

"Trust is the basis for all."

The essence of JACCS' founding philosophy is expressed in these Chinese characters, which may be translated as,Trust is the basis for all. Since JACCS' establishment, we have remained faithful to our founding philosophy-a strong belief that trust and reliability form the cornerstone of all our activities, taking precedence in our relationships with consumers and business partners.

We are located at Canadia Tower

Canadia Tower, 20D Floor, No.315 Preah Angdoung St, Sangkat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh ,Phnom Penh